Mission Cataract
About Us:

In the summer of 2013, Mission Cataract funded our first mission trip to Honduras. After securing finances, I arranged for an ophthalmology resident from Oklahoma to travel with me to the small city of Gracias Lempira. We worked about 18 hours every day for one week to bring sight to 58 individuals. We were the first team ever to complete cataract surgery in this location. Shaking hands with thankful families, receiving acknowledgement from a local TV station, and hearing mothers gasp when they could finally see their children made the entire trip worth the effort. However, one patient in particular had the most inspirational story.

Maria was six years old and had been blind since she was two. Her family traveled seven hours in hope that we could help. After the screening process and preparations, we removed cataracts from both of her eyes. Later that day, I spotted Maria and her parents leaving a nearby church. I went to greet them and Maria's family met me with an enormous hug and tears of joy. Maria could see!
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